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Jun '09

The Car Cast Episode 288 – Summer TV and a New Listener Hotline

On this episode of The Car Cast We discuss what is going on with Summer Television shows like I'm a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here, America's Got Talent and Ultimate Family Road Trip.



The Car Cast Episode 288

Jul '08

I can update The Car Cast from my iPhone

So I will! There’s a new iPhone app that let’s me pot here as soon as I can do podcasts from my iPhone…watch out!

Feb '07

The Jealous Astronaut – Lisa Nowak

Check out the official Jealous Astronaut (Lisa Nowak) Website:

Click here for the whole sheebang!

Feb '07

Mos Def Show Material

Apr '06

Peter’s Big Deal

Click here for Peter's Myspace Page

Dec '05

Barry Pics! Contest Winner

The Following was Sent in by our good friend Barrington Lock.  Notice the Shrit he is wearing is the prize he won from the Car Cast for coming up with the name Meggie for the new Powerbook.

BarringtonOur local
 Sweet talkin' the coffee chick…
Sunday afternoon @ Starbucks

Jul '05

This is Unbelievable!!!!

I can’t believe it but I got my first piece of listener mail from a person that is actully not related to me nor my friend! I am so stinkin’ excited you would not believe it!  It is from Great Brittain uj.jpgand I have printed it here in it’s entirety so you could all have a gander.  Ladies and Gentlemen….Please give it up for…Bryan Page [claps and whistles]


Hi Chris,

I’m just dropping you a note to say that I’m enjoying your carcasts 
so far. I’m living about 40 miles from London, UK and though I’ve 
been to Florida a couple of times I’ve not been anywhere near 
Washington state ever. I’m just totally in awe at the amazing scenery 
around Seattle and really want to come for a holiday (and hey, 
perhaps move there if I like it that much!). Unfortunately it will 
probably take me a couple of years to get over there as I’ve just 
become a Daddy so I’d like to wait until my little boy is a little 

In my internet searches I came across your webcast and subscribed 
hoping for the occasional tip about life in Seattle that I can 
eventually use. So far I’ve picked up some idea of the traffic 
situation and that I should try to get to the 4th July fireworks at 
Gasworks Park. I’ve also enjoyed some of the other topics you’ve been 
talking about. The audio quality of your podcast isn’t always very 
good, but it’s listen-able and getting better as you try different 
methods. So keep up the good work.

You were asking for opinions about the American celebrations for 4th 
of July. I can’t speak for all Englanders but personally I really 
wish we had a similar celebration here. I suppose the closest we have 
to an independence day is St. George’s Day celebrating the patron 
saint of England. But if you’ve ever been to the UK you’ll already 
know that we don’t even have that day as a public holiday! 
Occasionally you might see the St. George’s cross flag flying outside 
a bar but that’s about it. The Irish celebrate their equivalent day, 
St. Patrick’s Day – not just in Ireland, but all over the world. But 
we English do nothing like that.

I sometimes find the patriotism of some Americans a little over-the-
top but really think you should have one big celebratory day in the 
year when you can go a little crazy and be proud to be American – no 
matter what the actual original historical reason for celebrating it. 
When I eventually get over there I too will be enjoying the 4th of 
July – any excuse for a party is a good thing!

Bryan Page

Jun '05

The Podcast Revolution Has Begun

Today I am posting my very first Podcast.  For those of you who dont know what a podcast is check here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Podcasting

The first podcast is a little rough as is anything you do for the very first time. voyager.jpg I am sure that in the future I will look back on it and hate it.  For now, however, it will suffice.  The first podcast is called The Carcast.  The premise is that I am driving around in my car recording my ramblings as I do so.  It is recorded entirely on the road.

 The first episode is just basically an introduction to me and my Carcast.

If you would like to subscribe I will have a set of instructions available here soon.

 For now….That is all!

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