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Apr '06

The Car Cast Episode 141 – A Very Special Guest By Phone! A New Cast Member!

Below are some pictures of Tim:

Apr '06

The Car Cast Episode 140 – Crazy Bear, Coke Blak, and Crappy Banana Flambe


Shameless Plug for Free Software

Ok…So you have heard me talk about MacZot on my show before.  Well now they have gone and done something great.  You all know how much I love creative marketing; well here is one of the best marketing programs in the last 20 years.

MacZot has a program called BlogZot.  Here’s the jist of it:  A software company drops the price of their product by $0.05 each time they get a mention in someone’s blog.  When the price reaches zero they give away 3000+ copies of what is usually a great product.  Sonds like a killer idea doesn’t it?

Today’s product?  SubEthaEdit.  It is an online colaboration tool.  It sounds great and as soon as I am done with this post I will try it out.  All the links you need are right here.

Try it out.  See for yourself.  Free Mac Software?  Yeah it really does happen. MacZOT and TheCodingMonkeys will award $105,000 in Mac software

SubEthaEdit from CodingMonkeys
BLOGZOT 2.0 on MacZOT.com

Apr '06

The Car Cast Episode 139 – Megan’s Moment, TONS O’ Feedback, and Weekend Update

Apr '06

The Car Cast Episode 138 – Extended Edition #1: Megan’s Moment, Corbin Gets it Right, and Feedback Hall of Fame

Links from todays show:

Corbin Gets it right

The Seafair Pirates

Apr '06

Peter’s Big Deal

Click here for Peter's Myspace Page

Apr '06

The Car Cast Episode 137 – K Smoke Mart, Ah..Um, Peganism, and Listener Feedback

Below are a couple of the strange faxes I have been getting at The Car Cast Listener Line:

If you know anything about these please let me know…I would hate it if someone didn’t get their addition or deck built just becasue of a faxing mistake.

Apr '06

The Car Cast Episode 136 – Inventions, the Toilet Seat Condom and Listener Feedback


The DeRoose Chain Letter

Peter Mawgleson is a true amaerican hero. He had many youtfull exploits such as the "sprinkles on top" fiasco. Today he needs your help. Peter needs to get on a tv show or else he will die. The only way to get him on tv to save this poor mans life is forward this email to 5 or more friends. If you do not send it to 5 or more friends an aweful curce will come upon you! Peter has bean struggeling with a long difficult name and he needs money for a new one. so what do you say, deal or no deal?

Apr '06

The Car Cast Episode 135 – More Deal or No Deal, Job Help, and Listener Feedback

Below are some pictures of "The Professor."  Two with Mikey and Rachael and one that Michiel DeRoose found:

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