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Jul '08

Twitter Updates for 2008-07-31

  • Being in IT AND having the only iPhone to test on sucks. Especially when someone wipes out your contacts! #
  • @suziezhu too late. #
  • @suziezhu You have nail pattern baldness. #
  • @taprimeaux DUDE congrats!!! #
  • @suziezhu To encourage them! It gives them something to work towards; to visualize #
  • So that was the first staff mtg I actually enjoyed! #
  • Where am I? http://snipurl.com/37ymx #
  • How come iPhone doesn’t back up ringtones assinged to contacts? It keeps the ring tone just not the contact assingment. #
  • GoodnightTwinklers! #
  • @audiologic No I was tired as heck, but had to get some work done. #
  • Where am I? http://snipurl.com/38b6e #
  • Just saw a 50+ yeT old woman walking down the street wearing a full on Pirate hat! #
  • 1 block later a 60 year old guy wearing a ted white and blue wig #
  • @RevFry correct sir! #
  • Why are women office workers so petty…stereotypically speaking of course. http://snipurl.com/38f9o #
  • @bartonomus I think so. Haven’t benn listening so far but yeah he has to go! #
  • @jesta What’s that? #
  • Not having to work in a server room = awesome http://snipurl.com/38h4v #
  • Ok so I LOVE listening to CEOs negotiate with their door open and on speaker phone! #
  • @suziezhu That’s a cool trick! Did you upgrade your software yet? It might fix it. #

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Jul '08

Twitter Updates for 2008-07-30

  • Leaving Kirkland for home. http://snipurl.com/37do6 #
  • @geoffsmith I’ve been using it and it’s pretty cool. Better than the IM. C #
  • @geoffsmith I’ve been using it and it’s pretty cool. Better than the IM clients for jail broken iphone. Only using it for IM. #
  • @suziezhu really I’ve Abrahamed him more than Moses him #
  • So hungry Ive resorted to crappy cheap trail mix http://snipurl.com/37dwc #
  • Stupid fat Al Roker has no business on TV let alone hosting a prime time game show! #
  • This is everything wrong with America today. http://snipurl.com/37ge0 #
  • @suziezhu Oh Marakesh is AMAZING!!! Jealous! #
  • @suziezhu Its like a crispy pita filled with rasins and love! #
  • @RevFry I’m still very positive! Positive that Al Roker should have his vocal cords slit! #
  • Just got first all family AT&T bill…still cleaning up the couch from crappibg my pants. #
  • Where am I? http://snipurl.com/37pj2 #
  • @LQA98109 Ohhhh so close! Not quite though but Ill give it to you! Southbound in fact. #
  • Anyone else upgrade Twinkle this morning? It feels much more responsive #
  • Skipping lunch to make a meeting in Tukwila. 4 hr staff mtg. = lame http://snipurl.com/37tw7 #
  • @suziezhu Co-worker just called to tell me he’s grabbing me something! #

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Jul '08

Twitter Updates for 2008-07-29

  • Driving home through Bothell http://snipurl.com/36s69 #
  • @taprimeaux in central America you can buy soda from street vendets in a sandwich bag with a straw. #
  • Maybe the worst reality show EVER! Jewel a judge? Really? And that gay cowboy? The Village Poeople are pissed! http://snipurl.com/36vok #
  • @ck2875 That’s the one. Hard to believe Bolly Rae is not the worst part of that show! #
  • Back in good ol’ Kent. http://snipurl.com/374et #
  • Left Kent. Stopping downtown before heading to to Redmond. http://snipurl.com/378tw #
  • @allenk1 the quakes follow you! First Seattle now LA! #
  • @jesta we’ve mosses you! #
  • @jesta we’ve missed you! #
  • @suziezhu Easy Crocodile is a noble creature and Chinese named have meaning. Who wouldn’t want to be known as Croc? #
  • There is a man and a woman in that window. The man just showed me his moobs! http://snipurl.com/37a9p #
  • @suziezhu do you really think Cattle Wang is someones real name? #

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Jul '08

Twitter Updates for 2008-07-28

  • @ijustine How come
    don’t you move to the west coast? #
  • Watching Jackie’s Story. She weighs 627 lbs. http://snipurl.com/368s9 #
  • Discovery Health is awesome! Plastic surgery before and after! http://snipurl.com/3692v #
  • @moolcool7518 can’t wait to see it! #
  • @taprimeaux So is it the fruit or the handler that is at fault here? #
  • @winnypooh just figured out how to save a post! #
  • Good morning Seattle! I missed you this weekend! Can’t believe I missed a Critical Mass “mele.” http://snipurl.com/36hz5 #
  • This is what I get to look at this morning. :-| http://snipurl.com/36kv4 #
  • Ow http://snipurl.com/36pim #
  • Now this is a proper server room: no windows, slightly dank, buzzing and whiring, and random boxes strewen about. http://snipurl.com/36pj7 #
  • @Plecebo Sadly it is all windows #

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Jul '08

Twitter Updates for 2008-07-27

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I can update The Car Cast from my iPhone

So I will! There’s a new iPhone app that let’s me pot here as soon as I can do podcasts from my iPhone…watch out!

Jul '08

Twitter Updates for 2008-07-25

  • My new therapy todeal with traffic. http://snipurl.com/34jpa #
  • I’m ashamed to admit it but a cigar and Blake Lewis make a rush hour drive across I-90 not so bad. http://snipurl.com/34jtq #
  • Oakenfold remix of Out of this World from The Cure is solo good! #
  • Anyone else stuck in Trafic on I-5? http://snipurl.com/34k2f #
  • Shoping for camping tomorrow. http://snipurl.com/34lsk #
  • Is it lazy to choose credit over debit so I don’t have to put in my pin number? http://snipurl.com/34lv8 #
  • Ugh just going to sleep. Goodnight Twitter! #
  • Working remotely on servers until 1AM then getting up at 6:15 = SUCKS :-( #
  • WTF is up with these new mill jugs from Costco? Is NOTHING sacred? http://snipurl.com/34ubg #
  • Back at The Bux in Rainier Valley! http://snipurl.com/34v4f #
  • Just noticed: I have looked for coffee in the valley half a dozen times and Tullys is 100 yards from my client. Duh http://snipurl.com/34v8u #
  • Sometimes Active Directory is a BIG PAIN IN THE BUTT! #
  • @suziezhu what is it from? #
  • I love it when getting off early, your boss calls and asks, can you do something for me real quick before you leave? It’s never quick! #

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Jul '08

Twitter Updates for 2008-07-24

  • Anyone catch the 3 Sheets recipe for Pisco Soirs? #
  • I had no clue that the Safeway on Roosevelt would be packed at 9PM http://snipurl.com/340ze #
  • @suziezhu I 90 near mercer island? #
  • @suziezhu just looked at the pic! :-) #
  • Got to sleep in an extra hour today!!! Still tired. #
  • Downtown This morning. http://snipurl.com/34aob #
  • Something I hate: idiots who don’t use crosswalks and then walk like cripples! #
  • There’s a concert at the courthouse today! http://snipurl.com/34f14 #
  • Anyone know why Cltde Hill Police just hang out at the 76 station and wait to knab people? #
  • Piece of crap Clyde hill cop waits till I pull out to turn his lights on and scares me half to death. #

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Jul '08

Twitter Updates for 2008-07-23

  • Ok so I was in the parkinglot at Gas Works Park. #
  • @jesta my kids always went to bed at 7PM at that age. They also slept until 9AM. #
  • Someone else needs to post a “Where Am I” tweet. #
  • Dinner at The Ram and then Dark Knight http://snipurl.com/33dh2 #
  • There’s STILL an iPhone line at the U-Village apple store! http://snipurl.com/33e07 #
  • For real…a woman just showed up at the theater dressed as cat woman! #
  • Overheard ” FACE FULL OF ASS…try to keep your boner under control.” #
  • @Dharmansible it depends. I am not sure of her mental health background, but if you are asking if her fat rolls were buldging, no they weren #
  • @DeanAU take the pic of people standing on line? Yes. And with my new 3G iPhone. Some of them snickered arms #
  • @DeanAU yes. Yes I did. Bastard, maybe. 3G iPhone owner…Definitely! #
  • @allenk1 Seriously When I realized what she was wearing I grabbed my phone to take a pic. When I turned around she was gone. #
  • @suziezhu You won’t report me. You enjoy my wit and vitality too much to risk losing it! ;-) #
  • Still trying to decide if staying up late for The Dark Knight was worth it . Oh I liked it. It’s just the fatigue talking. #
  • @nickfranklin What kind of complaint? I’ll find something to complain about! #
  • On my way to Georgetown. http://snipurl.com/33of0 #
  • @suziezhu Ooo it’s a stand off! #
  • Check out this bad boy. It’s not a laptop it’s a major appliance. http://snipurl.com/33p6b #
  • Where I spent my morning. http://snipurl.com/33rlh #
  • @suziezhu He wants to discuss your productivity and Twitter usage ;-) #
  • Stopping for coffee and testing a client laptop http://snipurl.com/33rpa #
  • Clients who are both difficult AND powerful are always fun! #
  • I hate connectivity issues and waiting for server reboots! #
  • @RevFry LUCKY! My light schedule today suddenly got busy! #
  • @suziezhu It would have been funny if you had stood up, pointed at someone and said, “this person does NOTHING! I say we fire them!” #
  • Enterprise firewalls SUCK! http://snipurl.com/33t2y #
  • @suziezhu In that case you could have suggested limiting the use of personal electronics at work ;-) #
  • @suziezhu Now I have something to report you for! http://snipurl.com/33t8y #
  • So frustrating when my boss says,”Chris can do it” when I have NO clue what needs to happen #

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Jul '08

Twitter Updates for 2008-07-22

  • I love listening in on creative team mtgs! http://snipurl.com/32qwc #
  • @suziezhu take some pics #
  • Red lines on Google Traffic map = frowny face http://snipurl.com/32r1n #
  • @mscottforbes Dude that sucks! #
  • I don’t understand traffic. Why would you ever come to a complete stop on the 520 Bridge? http://snipurl.com/32r9y #
  • Anyone notice the little grey dot that appears next to the battery indicator on the 3G when using Twinkle? What is it? #
  • Kids at nana’s = dinner at Rositas for me and Heidi http://snipurl.com/32rsz #
  • @suziezhu You should have just hit the kid. That would teach it! #
  • I HATE the Red Sox Nation. http://snipurl.com/32u42 #
  • I wish Twinkle would bring me a cup of coffee in the morning. #
  • @mariamariaa Did you have a good trip? #
  • Lookin’ for coffee in the hood. http://snipurl.com/332z4 #
  • It never ceases to amaze me how consistent SBUX is. Even in Rainier Valley it’s good ol’ Bux! http://snipurl.com/3334c #
  • Left Rainier Valley. On to my next client in North Lake Union. http://snipurl.com/3389s #
  • This may not be an original idea but: I propose a Twinkle Game…”Where Am I” look at the pic and take a guess! http://snipurl.com/338ng #
  • @LQA98109 Me personally or the Starbucks? ;-) #
  • @allenk1 que we BSG? #
  • @BFB You working again? #
  • @taprimeaux good call I was thinking maybe a little more specific than that. #

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