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Feb '05

I might have to thank Doug for a worship leader!

Tonight I walked down to Starbucks for Heidi to get some coffee and as I was leaving the Vitamilk parking lot I ran into Doug Lemm (Doug goes to my church). We talked for a good amount of time and even thought it was a beautiful eventing I was getting pretty cold. So I finished my walk to SBUX and as I was standing in line I noticed that the Barista making drinks tonight was a young man named John that I met a few weeks ago. I met him through Melodie Hewitt. John is 22 and kind of an atypical 20-somthing. He is one of the most outgoing young men I have met in a long time. His tight curly brown hair and warm smile make him popular with “the ladies!”

While standing in line I happend to heard John talking to a young lady about church. He told her that he was currently looking for a church and she said she would take him to a church she had attended a couple of times.

When I went to get my drink the young lady had left the counter and so I was trying to figure out how to bring up the church plant in Wallingford to John. I asked him if he had seen Melodie tonight as I thought she was heading down to SBUX, but he hadn’t. It was then that he recognized me as Melodie’s friend. I then just casually asked him, “So did I hear you say that you were looking for a church?”

“Yes,” he replied.
“Really, beacuse I am actually starting a church,” I said with an excited expectation.
He didn’t get as excited as I was but asked inquisitively,”Really, well tell me about it.”
I began to tell him about our vision for church. I told him that we really wanted to start a church that was non-denominational and non-religious; how we thought that church should be about journeying with people not giving them rules and how we think that relationships are all we truely have in this life.

At this point I could see the beginnings of that sparkle in his eyes that I have come to know as God begining to envision people. I then said to him, “We just really want to start a neo-Christian movement.”

To which he replied, “Man I am getting tingles.” He went on to tell me that he used to be a worship leader at Mill Creek foursquare. And that was the moment we both knew this was not a chance meeting but it had been divinely orchestrated. I gave him my email address and he said he would email me tonight so I am going to send him “The Manifesto.”

We’ll see what happens. I may just have to thank Doug Lemm some day for helping me find a worship leader…Who knows.

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