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Feb '05

Holistic Christianity

Why is it that we never have enough time for “spiritual things?” It seems like I hear someone complaining about time almost everyday. Heck, I complain about it all the time. I used to say that if there were only 25 hours in a day I could get everyting done. So what happens to my spiritual life in a hectic, overly-scheduled, fast-paced world? Of course It gets ignored. But why? Why is it that the most inportant part of my life seems to get left behind? Probably because of

the way I view my life. I view it as a bunch of compartments that are all somehow seperated yet connected. I think I kind of view my life like the trinity. Seperate but joined. But that is totally stupid…I am not seperated. I mean I have a body, mind spirit, etc., but I am one whole person. Why is my spiritual life not “integrated” into every area of my life? Probably the same reason yours isn’t, becuase we look at the spiritual as a “compartment” not as the sum whole of what we are trying to become. Christianity should not be one aspect of our lives; it should be the foundations for every aspect of our lives.

Holistic – Not Just for Hippies
Christianity should be holisitc. This may seem like the “obvious statement of the year,” but it is a fact that I think we often ignore. For too long we have looked at our lives from a Western Philosophical view. We have viewed our lives like a Roman Arch. Many pieces that are all working together and even need each other to bring about stability. But what if our lives are not like this at all but are more like a tree? A tree has many different parts; branches, leaves, sap, bark, roots, heartwood, etc. But the are not a bunch of individual parts that make up a greater thing…They are all interdependant and related. Symbiotic. Holistic.

Be the Tree
Let me explain. If you were to burn all the leaves off of a tree the whole tree would suffer because the whole tree needs the leaevs to survive. If you were to strip all of the bark off a tree it would eventually die. Why? Because it needs the bark. If you were to cut all of the roots off of a tree it would die. You get the picture. Our lives are like this. Neglect the emotional side and we will suffer. Neglect the physical and we will suffer. Neglect the spiritual and we will suffer.

If this is the case why would we simply try to treat one or the other. What if everything we did in one area of our lives affected all of the others? I mean what if every person we talked to had an impact in the invisible relm of the spirit. What if every time we prayed it actually did something in the physical? What if every time we cry out of grief or sorrow there is something going on in the other areas of our lives and maybe even the universe as a result? I know this sounds a little metaphysical but think about it: God is omnipresent right? That means he’s everywhere. Closer to us than any person can be. What about this: Colossians 1:17 17He is before all things, and in him all things hold together. What if this means that EVERYTHING that happens in the universe is somehow effecting everything else? Let’s make it a little more palatable…What if everything we do in life effects the rest of our lives? That means that every word we speak affects the spiritual. Every thought; every deed; every action; has an effect on the spiritual?

Teaching People
We must begin to teach people once again to look at their lives holisticly. We must teach them that the American Gospel has been nutered and become a man dying because I did some bad thigns. It is so much more than that and so much farther reaching than that. Which means that “becoming a Christian” is much bigger than that. I may mean that we have to stop people from becoming Christains, and start them “living life in the way of Jesus.”

I could be wrong…but this is what I have been feeling lately.

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