- Seattle – The Car Cast!: Hear a native Seattle man as he documents his life.  Recorded Entirely whild driving!  Often imitated, never duplicated!

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Jun '06

The Car Cast Episode 160!

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  1. Glenn Says:

    hey chris. thanks for talkin’ about the move. we so enjoy the carcast. i’m a big apprentice fan too. love trump and hate him as well. you and i have so much in common it’s weird. still working on selling our place so we can get out there. gonna work at tvjones.com my buddie’s company. he has made a forutne making pickups for Gretsch guitars. Brian Setzer and Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) only use his pickups. Anyway, he moved from LA to Poulsbo and has 9 peeps working in his shop (everyone in kitsao has a “shop” huh?) thanks so much for the great insight into the washingtonian mindset. we fully plan to settel in washing fo life. born and raised in L.A. and ready for Kitsap. You rock. Oh, my feedback for when I’m sick I don’t puss out. I work and run and fight through it. My wife Suze on the other hand… total baby. I like to pretend I’m not sick at all and go superhero regardless.
    Peace, -Glenn

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