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Jun '06

The Car Cast Episode 166 – Advertising on Car Cast, and What to Do About Fallout Frinends


2 Responses to “The Car Cast Episode 166 – Advertising on Car Cast, and What to Do About Fallout Frinends”

  1. Glenn Says:

    hey chris.
    man, we finally got an offer on our house. it’s been on the market for 6 weeks now. s-l-o-w market in so. cal. can’t wait to get up there. it’s *killing* me! the winter won’t HAHAHAHahah listening to your tampon commercial commentary right now. classic. richard pryor made similar comments on a record i snuck out of my friend’s dad’s collection back when i was a kid. anyway the winter weather won’t bug me. i can’t *wait* for the rain. i’ve seen 100 days of sun. my forehead is burnt. my little girl is really fair, she’s burnt. what i really look forward to is getting away from the posh los angelinos. everyone here is so fabulous. sickening really. we can’t wait for the misty weather. people tell me i’ll learn to hate the rain but i say bring it the f on!!!!
    you rock. you always make me laugh.


  2. John Vardell Says:

    Hey Chris,
    I’ve been listening for a long time now, but this is my first time to contact you…I’m a member of the band Automne Vein, and listen to you as I work at the post office in Midland, Tx. I love your show….one of the things in a much earlier show that really intrigued me was your love of music, and you mentioning that you woke up one particular morning a song by 77′s. I’m a huge fan of them, and have a vast, extensive collection of rare, out of print, mainly unheard of christian artists in all genres.
    I am really curious to know who else you like and I might be able to suggest(wink, wink) other music I’m sure you would like.


    Love your show, keep it up,

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