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Mar '07


Wondering where The Car Cast has been?

Blame MidPhase hosting service. MidPhase sucks so bad I hope thier buildings go up in flames (of course no loss of life or injury). I do however, wish they were completely out of business. Long story:

I used to use MidPhase as a webhost. I found a better company with better features and decided to switch. I purchased my new hosting plan and proceeded to switch over hosting….UNTIL my domain name expired. Just out of the blue one day my email stops working and my website goes down. I call up my new host only to find out that it was not their fault but MidPhase. They had not transfered the registration of my domain name. I called MidPhase and they told me that since my account had expired that they would not do anything until I paid them for another quarter of hosting (to the tune of like $35-45!!!). I had no choice. I paid, and we asked for a transfer of our domain name (etumos.org) to the new host.

As far as I knew everything was going well and working fine until last Friday night. My email goes down and then the website follows. Again I call my webhost…which by the way I LOVE….and they again say…this is a MidPhase issue.

I call MidPhase 3 times spending about 20 minutes on hold each time only to get a “Leave a Message at the tone” and then get hung up on.

I finally got someone to chat with me and she tells me that this is a billing issue and I won’t be able to do anything about it until Monday when the billing office opens. I am LIVID…but I decide to wait until Monday (because what else am I going to do?).

Monday rolls around and at 9AM I call the billing office. They tell me that until I pay them $21.95 they can’t do anything. I told them that I wasn’t going to pay them one red cent and they needed to fix this since twice now my domain name had expired and I was never notified. They transfered me to the billing manager who was a condesending PRICK! He told me that this was my fault for not making the change properly (even though the process never tells you if it doesn’t transfer properly). And that there was nothing he would do for me unless I paid the $21.95. I asked him how they could charge that since every other web host in the world charges $9.95? He told me that they are not a registrar and this is a service they provide for their customers…which…if I was one of their customers I would never have had to deal with.

I told him this and issues like this were the reason I changed host. Told him their service sucked and told him I didnt think it was fare that I had to pay $21.95 for something they screwed up. He told me it was my fault an my alternative was to wait 30 days until the grace period goes away and then try to register and buy the domain name on my own.

I told him that he was full of POOP. And told him to do what he had to to fix this.

SO…I now have to wait 3 days (don’t know why it takes 3 days) for them to bill my credit card, and update my account (which they had a hard time finding) and hopefully I can get the Car Cast back up and running by Wed or Thursday.

Thanks to the Help of Bryan (Listener X), and good friend of the show Kolby Allen (see I gotcha back ;) we have thecarcast.com up and running but it will be several more days before you can download shows via the rss feed. Becuase of that I am holding the 2 shows I have ready to go and waiting until Thursday to do a new show.

If you want to express your feelings to MidPhase feel free to do so. The billing Manager can be contacted via email here: trhoads@midphase.com

See you soon, And expect some yelling on the show when I get back on…I even said the “F” Word in an email to Barry…That is how pissed I am.

Hugs and Kisses!!!


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