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Mar '07

Episode 254 – MidPhase Still Sucks, Listen Here


2 Responses to “Episode 254 – MidPhase Still Sucks, Listen Here”

  1. Steve Says:

    I have had midphase for 6 months and there servers are always going down. I have used many other web hosting services and i went to midphase because of there price and the amount of services they offer. Well it was to good to be true. My sites have been down so many times as well sometimes their servers are very slow.

    Pay the extra money and go somewhere else. I am moving even though I have 6 months left, I cannot afford to have my sites down as much as they are with Midphase.

  2. gator Says:

    I love it. My problems with midphase are documented at http://www.midfaze.com

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