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Jun '07

Check Out Bandwagon….

As most of you remember I have now deleted my iTunes library a total of 2 times.  Call me unlucky, call me stupid, just don't call me late for dinner…I digress…


So I found this new service called Bandwagon.  It is a program that runs on your Mac that automatically syncs your iTunes library with your computer.  Your files are stored either on a host like the great Dreamhost, or an Amazon S3 account.  So all of your music, movies, tv shows etc. are backed up off site on a secure server.  How great is that?


So the best part of this whole deal?  If you buy Bandwagon (and it is really cheap for what you get…like a few bucks a month) you get a free 1 year Dreamhost plan!  That's a $119 value!  Your music is safe, you get a great deal, what the heck are you waiting for?  Click Here and start securing your iTunes Library today. 

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