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Jan '05

Just Like A Brand New Computer

So today I upgraded my iBook to the latest version of Mac OS X – Panther. It was relatively painless and everything went well. I had to so that I could check my gmail from home. I use a PC at work so that was no problem but I could not check it at home as my iBook is all I have at home. Now my iBook runs faster than ever. I wonder why when I upgrade a 2 1/2 year old PC with the latest version of Windows it slows down to a crawl but Mac speeds things up to the point that it almost feels like a brand new computer! The only complaint I have is that I went to Revolutions (a coffee shop a block away with amazing coffee and free wireless access) and my airport card would pick up the wireless network and log on but not get an IP address so wouldn’t access the internet. It could have been that their web access was down but I was too lazy to ask.

So if you are a Mac person I HIGHLY recomend the latest version (X 10.3)! So far I love it.

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