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May '08

Twitter Updates for 2008-05-27

  • Finally home. Unpacking then I think I’ll take my kids to see Prince Caspian. #
  • I love it whet you pay over $60 to go to the movies and they start 15 min late but STILL play the commercials! http://snipurl.com/2arrw #
  • Ok maybe I’m sappy but I really liked Prince Caspian. #
  • I did almost get physically violent when I saw the Chihuahua movie preview. And they wonder why Hollywood is losing money at the box office. #
  • @chibiutena Wow…was that on purpose? Work would suck for me if I did that! #
  • @Thelke LOL…I’m just glad to know I’m not the only one. Walt Disney would kick someone in the Junk for that movie if he were still alive. #
  • Why hasn’t Micro$oft built into their OS a real anti-virus and spy ware utility? http://snipurl.com/2av9n #
  • @RevFry just because I have to support something it doesn’t mean I have to like it! ;~) #
  • Mikey to school, home to run, all over to work! http://snipurl.com/2avil #
  • @RevFry Funny; my first thought was: well its a good thing they don’t because then all those other companies would be out of business! #
  • @RevFry I’ve never been accused of being a pesimistic #
  • @lorenzroos welcome to the dark side ;-) #
  • Oh yes…you read correctly! http://snipurl.com/2ax5l #
  • Working on the front porch and smoking a cigar…I really need to get an outlet out here so I can work for more than 2 hours! #
  • @RevFry That is RICH. I love geeky companies! #
  • I can’t sign into godaddy.com…It keeps coming up as not available. Weird. #
  • I am SURE my godaddy issue is a Comcast conspiracy #
  • @comcastcares Great Job on TWIT last week! #
  • Oh no, I just found my first grey hair! I’m now a candidate for ” Just for Men!” #
  • Oh no, I just found my first grey hair! I’m now a candidate for ” Just for Men!” #
  • @comcastcares just unable to bring up the Go Daddy site. I’m sure its a Go Daddy issue not comcast. #
  • Organic desserts in the heart of Greenwood. Owned by the same man that owns Olive You. http://snipurl.com/2ay69 #
  • @chadedge Probably on Broadway with his posse? #
  • @RevFry Pay? Who said I got paid? Lol. #
  • Thank you King County for spending my tax dollars so wisely. http://snipurl.com/2ayas #

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