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May '08

Twitter Updates for 2008-05-30

  • Is that Sally Jessie Raphiel? http://snipurl.com/2bhqd #
  • @packet That’s awesome! #
  • Oh good morning Twitterers! I have great news for everyone IT’S FRIDAY!! #
  • @jesta Love LiveIreland. Their channel2 will go love any day now. Great contemporary Irish music. #
  • @jesta the only lame part about Channel 2 is that it is a 2 hour long loop and not live yet. But I have listened to it dozens of times. #
  • @chibiutena At least it wasn’t a giant hairy spider! #
  • @RevFry Your attitude determines your altitude. –Jesse Jackson ;~) #
  • Listening to Uh Yeah Dude podcast while waiting for my son to get out of school. http://snipurl.com/2bnct #

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