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Jan '05

Blog Debate

Well yesterday was my first official day of having a blog. Funny, I hate bandwagoning, but that seems to be what I am doing here…but I digress…So last night as I was opening my wife’s eyes to the wonderful world of blogging I told her about an article I received from a mutual friend. She had received the same email with said article. I am still debating as to whether or not to link

this blog to it. The reason it came up was that it was an article written on a mutual acquaintance’s blog. The debate came because it has an inappropriate (well inappropriate to me and my wife and most decent thinking Christians) picture of Pam Anderson on it. The trouble comes because it really is a good article about church growth and the current state of the church of Jesus Christ. So as of now I am undecided. I am going to let my wife read my blog first (as she has yet to see it at all) and then I’ll decide. More to come!

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