- Seattle – The Car Cast!: Hear a native Seattle man as he documents his life.  Recorded Entirely whild driving!  Often imitated, never duplicated!

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Jun '08

Twitter Updates for 2008-06-22

  • Check out this great ash! Oh yeah it’s an ISOM… http://snipurl.com/2mnw4 #
  • @maxchan don’t give up!!! I love your posts. #
  • @maxchan don’t give up!!! I love your posts. #
  • @tithonium I want to go drinking with you!!! #
  • @enept Pray for a male offspring! #
  • @jvalal Everett at a softball tournament for my daughter. #
  • The one thing I don’t like about Cuban cigars is how you have to constantly clean them up because of mediocre construction. #
  • @mayco Happy Birthday!!! #
  • Wow…great sunset in Seattle! http://snipurl.com/2mo79 #
  • @bassmanbliss Oh I’m sooooo jealous you’re in Brisbane. One of my fav cities in the world! #
  • @jvalal yeah I say that EVERY year :-( #
  • Multiple kids projectile vomiting… #

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