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Jun '08

Twitter Updates for 2008-06-25

  • Out shopping for my daughter’s 13th b-day presents! http://snipurl.com/2oeur #
  • More shopping. Off to the AT&T store. Guess what she’s getting! http://snipurl.com/2ofpt #
  • New best show on TV: I Survived a Japanese game show!” http://snipurl.com/2ogpn #
  • @winnypooh I just switched the whole FAM to AT&T for the iPhone of course! I don’t know how I lived without it. #
  • @Sassygal How did you do that? #
  • @kayla Does that apply to tumors? #
  • @kayla Does that apply to tumors? #
  • Just saw an Amish buggy with 2 12″ sub woofers in the back! http://snipurl.com/2ohdv #
  • @Sassygal Right just wondered how the bump hot there;-) #
  • @Sassygal Are you in China or Switzerland? Twinkle says Switzerland. #
  • @phranker What about an an rss reader that syncs with news gator? #
  • @phranker how about gesture based speed dial. Draw the number 1 on your screen and call first entry. #
  • @missyfabulous somewhere between a blog and IM #
  • @enept that looks amazing. Love following the progress! #
  • Don’t you hate it when you wake up 30 minutes early and can’t go back to sleep? #
  • Rediculous! http://snipurl.com/2opl4 #
  • View from where I am working this morning! http://snipurl.com/2or2g #
  • Working Downtown Seattle is pretty freakin’ AWESOME! Kind of a dream cone true for me. #
  • Wow great view! http://snipurl.com/2ou53 #
  • @mariamariaa what kind of work do you do? #

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