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Jul '08

Twitter Updates for 2008-07-22

  • I love listening in on creative team mtgs! http://snipurl.com/32qwc #
  • @suziezhu take some pics #
  • Red lines on Google Traffic map = frowny face http://snipurl.com/32r1n #
  • @mscottforbes Dude that sucks! #
  • I don’t understand traffic. Why would you ever come to a complete stop on the 520 Bridge? http://snipurl.com/32r9y #
  • Anyone notice the little grey dot that appears next to the battery indicator on the 3G when using Twinkle? What is it? #
  • Kids at nana’s = dinner at Rositas for me and Heidi http://snipurl.com/32rsz #
  • @suziezhu You should have just hit the kid. That would teach it! #
  • I HATE the Red Sox Nation. http://snipurl.com/32u42 #
  • I wish Twinkle would bring me a cup of coffee in the morning. #
  • @mariamariaa Did you have a good trip? #
  • Lookin’ for coffee in the hood. http://snipurl.com/332z4 #
  • It never ceases to amaze me how consistent SBUX is. Even in Rainier Valley it’s good ol’ Bux! http://snipurl.com/3334c #
  • Left Rainier Valley. On to my next client in North Lake Union. http://snipurl.com/3389s #
  • This may not be an original idea but: I propose a Twinkle Game…”Where Am I” look at the pic and take a guess! http://snipurl.com/338ng #
  • @LQA98109 Me personally or the Starbucks? ;-) #
  • @allenk1 que we BSG? #
  • @BFB You working again? #
  • @taprimeaux good call I was thinking maybe a little more specific than that. #

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