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Jul '08

Twitter Updates for 2008-07-23

  • Ok so I was in the parkinglot at Gas Works Park. #
  • @jesta my kids always went to bed at 7PM at that age. They also slept until 9AM. #
  • Someone else needs to post a “Where Am I” tweet. #
  • Dinner at The Ram and then Dark Knight http://snipurl.com/33dh2 #
  • There’s STILL an iPhone line at the U-Village apple store! http://snipurl.com/33e07 #
  • For real…a woman just showed up at the theater dressed as cat woman! #
  • Overheard ” FACE FULL OF ASS…try to keep your boner under control.” #
  • @Dharmansible it depends. I am not sure of her mental health background, but if you are asking if her fat rolls were buldging, no they weren #
  • @DeanAU take the pic of people standing on line? Yes. And with my new 3G iPhone. Some of them snickered arms #
  • @DeanAU yes. Yes I did. Bastard, maybe. 3G iPhone owner…Definitely! #
  • @allenk1 Seriously When I realized what she was wearing I grabbed my phone to take a pic. When I turned around she was gone. #
  • @suziezhu You won’t report me. You enjoy my wit and vitality too much to risk losing it! ;-) #
  • Still trying to decide if staying up late for The Dark Knight was worth it . Oh I liked it. It’s just the fatigue talking. #
  • @nickfranklin What kind of complaint? I’ll find something to complain about! #
  • On my way to Georgetown. http://snipurl.com/33of0 #
  • @suziezhu Ooo it’s a stand off! #
  • Check out this bad boy. It’s not a laptop it’s a major appliance. http://snipurl.com/33p6b #
  • Where I spent my morning. http://snipurl.com/33rlh #
  • @suziezhu He wants to discuss your productivity and Twitter usage ;-) #
  • Stopping for coffee and testing a client laptop http://snipurl.com/33rpa #
  • Clients who are both difficult AND powerful are always fun! #
  • I hate connectivity issues and waiting for server reboots! #
  • @RevFry LUCKY! My light schedule today suddenly got busy! #
  • @suziezhu It would have been funny if you had stood up, pointed at someone and said, “this person does NOTHING! I say we fire them!” #
  • Enterprise firewalls SUCK! http://snipurl.com/33t2y #
  • @suziezhu In that case you could have suggested limiting the use of personal electronics at work ;-) #
  • @suziezhu Now I have something to report you for! http://snipurl.com/33t8y #
  • So frustrating when my boss says,”Chris can do it” when I have NO clue what needs to happen #

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