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Jul '08

Twitter Updates for 2008-07-24

  • Anyone catch the 3 Sheets recipe for Pisco Soirs? #
  • I had no clue that the Safeway on Roosevelt would be packed at 9PM http://snipurl.com/340ze #
  • @suziezhu I 90 near mercer island? #
  • @suziezhu just looked at the pic! :-) #
  • Got to sleep in an extra hour today!!! Still tired. #
  • Downtown This morning. http://snipurl.com/34aob #
  • Something I hate: idiots who don’t use crosswalks and then walk like cripples! #
  • There’s a concert at the courthouse today! http://snipurl.com/34f14 #
  • Anyone know why Cltde Hill Police just hang out at the 76 station and wait to knab people? #
  • Piece of crap Clyde hill cop waits till I pull out to turn his lights on and scares me half to death. #

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