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Jul '08

Twitter Updates for 2008-07-25

  • My new therapy todeal with traffic. http://snipurl.com/34jpa #
  • I’m ashamed to admit it but a cigar and Blake Lewis make a rush hour drive across I-90 not so bad. http://snipurl.com/34jtq #
  • Oakenfold remix of Out of this World from The Cure is solo good! #
  • Anyone else stuck in Trafic on I-5? http://snipurl.com/34k2f #
  • Shoping for camping tomorrow. http://snipurl.com/34lsk #
  • Is it lazy to choose credit over debit so I don’t have to put in my pin number? http://snipurl.com/34lv8 #
  • Ugh just going to sleep. Goodnight Twitter! #
  • Working remotely on servers until 1AM then getting up at 6:15 = SUCKS :-( #
  • WTF is up with these new mill jugs from Costco? Is NOTHING sacred? http://snipurl.com/34ubg #
  • Back at The Bux in Rainier Valley! http://snipurl.com/34v4f #
  • Just noticed: I have looked for coffee in the valley half a dozen times and Tullys is 100 yards from my client. Duh http://snipurl.com/34v8u #
  • Sometimes Active Directory is a BIG PAIN IN THE BUTT! #
  • @suziezhu what is it from? #
  • I love it when getting off early, your boss calls and asks, can you do something for me real quick before you leave? It’s never quick! #

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