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Jul '08

Twitter Updates for 2008-07-28

  • @ijustine How come
    don’t you move to the west coast? #
  • Watching Jackie’s Story. She weighs 627 lbs. http://snipurl.com/368s9 #
  • Discovery Health is awesome! Plastic surgery before and after! http://snipurl.com/3692v #
  • @moolcool7518 can’t wait to see it! #
  • @taprimeaux So is it the fruit or the handler that is at fault here? #
  • @winnypooh just figured out how to save a post! #
  • Good morning Seattle! I missed you this weekend! Can’t believe I missed a Critical Mass “mele.” http://snipurl.com/36hz5 #
  • This is what I get to look at this morning. :-| http://snipurl.com/36kv4 #
  • Ow http://snipurl.com/36pim #
  • Now this is a proper server room: no windows, slightly dank, buzzing and whiring, and random boxes strewen about. http://snipurl.com/36pj7 #
  • @Plecebo Sadly it is all windows #

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