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Jul '08

Twitter Updates for 2008-07-29

  • Driving home through Bothell http://snipurl.com/36s69 #
  • @taprimeaux in central America you can buy soda from street vendets in a sandwich bag with a straw. #
  • Maybe the worst reality show EVER! Jewel a judge? Really? And that gay cowboy? The Village Poeople are pissed! http://snipurl.com/36vok #
  • @ck2875 That’s the one. Hard to believe Bolly Rae is not the worst part of that show! #
  • Back in good ol’ Kent. http://snipurl.com/374et #
  • Left Kent. Stopping downtown before heading to to Redmond. http://snipurl.com/378tw #
  • @allenk1 the quakes follow you! First Seattle now LA! #
  • @jesta we’ve mosses you! #
  • @jesta we’ve missed you! #
  • @suziezhu Easy Crocodile is a noble creature and Chinese named have meaning. Who wouldn’t want to be known as Croc? #
  • There is a man and a woman in that window. The man just showed me his moobs! http://snipurl.com/37a9p #
  • @suziezhu do you really think Cattle Wang is someones real name? #

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