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Jul '08

Twitter Updates for 2008-07-30

  • Leaving Kirkland for home. http://snipurl.com/37do6 #
  • @geoffsmith I’ve been using it and it’s pretty cool. Better than the IM. C #
  • @geoffsmith I’ve been using it and it’s pretty cool. Better than the IM clients for jail broken iphone. Only using it for IM. #
  • @suziezhu really I’ve Abrahamed him more than Moses him #
  • So hungry Ive resorted to crappy cheap trail mix http://snipurl.com/37dwc #
  • Stupid fat Al Roker has no business on TV let alone hosting a prime time game show! #
  • This is everything wrong with America today. http://snipurl.com/37ge0 #
  • @suziezhu Oh Marakesh is AMAZING!!! Jealous! #
  • @suziezhu Its like a crispy pita filled with rasins and love! #
  • @RevFry I’m still very positive! Positive that Al Roker should have his vocal cords slit! #
  • Just got first all family AT&T bill…still cleaning up the couch from crappibg my pants. #
  • Where am I? http://snipurl.com/37pj2 #
  • @LQA98109 Ohhhh so close! Not quite though but Ill give it to you! Southbound in fact. #
  • Anyone else upgrade Twinkle this morning? It feels much more responsive #
  • Skipping lunch to make a meeting in Tukwila. 4 hr staff mtg. = lame http://snipurl.com/37tw7 #
  • @suziezhu Co-worker just called to tell me he’s grabbing me something! #

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