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Jul '08

Twitter Updates for 2008-07-31

  • Being in IT AND having the only iPhone to test on sucks. Especially when someone wipes out your contacts! #
  • @suziezhu too late. #
  • @suziezhu You have nail pattern baldness. #
  • @taprimeaux DUDE congrats!!! #
  • @suziezhu To encourage them! It gives them something to work towards; to visualize #
  • So that was the first staff mtg I actually enjoyed! #
  • Where am I? http://snipurl.com/37ymx #
  • How come iPhone doesn’t back up ringtones assinged to contacts? It keeps the ring tone just not the contact assingment. #
  • GoodnightTwinklers! #
  • @audiologic No I was tired as heck, but had to get some work done. #
  • Where am I? http://snipurl.com/38b6e #
  • Just saw a 50+ yeT old woman walking down the street wearing a full on Pirate hat! #
  • 1 block later a 60 year old guy wearing a ted white and blue wig #
  • @RevFry correct sir! #
  • Why are women office workers so petty…stereotypically speaking of course. http://snipurl.com/38f9o #
  • @bartonomus I think so. Haven’t benn listening so far but yeah he has to go! #
  • @jesta What’s that? #
  • Not having to work in a server room = awesome http://snipurl.com/38h4v #
  • Ok so I LOVE listening to CEOs negotiate with their door open and on speaker phone! #
  • @suziezhu That’s a cool trick! Did you upgrade your software yet? It might fix it. #

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