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Aug '08

Twitter Updates for 2008-08-26

  • Dinner at Outback for Matty’s birthday. http://snipurl.com/3jrec #
  • @allenk1 what happened this time? #
  • Waitress said:” I have a birthday treat for you. It’s not a midget but it tastes as good!” #
  • Feeling slightly bumbed..Olympic withdrawls coupled with the fact that baseball season is nearing a close… http://snipurl.com/3jsk0 #
  • @RevFry I’m having a hard time breathing with concern for you #
  • @tarehna1 Great pic! Love PDX! #
  • @suziezhu I don’t have Anthony to do at work… I have too much to do…make up your mind ;-) #
  • @suziezhu anything not Anthony. Sometimes I hate auto correct. #
  • Working from Zoka this morning! http://snipurl.com/3jyiu #
  • Anyone know if it’s safe to jailbreak 3g iPhone yet? #
  • It just got even tougher to park at Zoka. Meter maid comes back every 30 min and writes tix for not parallel park http://snipurl.com/3jzt1 #
  • @RevFry yep #
  • Listening to TWIT and waiting to go into my afternoon client. http://snipurl.com/3k0h0 #
  • @RevFry What a Moron…this is the worst time to raise rent! #
  • @RevFry BTW you never Twinkled from Dvorak’s Deli. At least I never saw them. How was it? #
  • @suziezhu Is that considered Freudian? Or just TMI? #
  • @RevFry So would you recomend a trip to Port Angeles? Was his wife working in the Deli? Did they have a 100 year old cash register? #
  • @suziezhu Actually everyone: http://tinyurl.com/px6rv #
  • @cmerrifield It’s owned by John C. Dvorak. http://www.dvorak.org/blog/ #

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