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Aug '08

Twitter Updates for 2008-08-29

  • Finally going home…it’s been one of “those” days. #
  • Where am I? http://snipurl.com/3ktoo #
  • @moondio Strike 1 #
  • @moondio hint: north #
  • @taprimeaux We have a winner… And a smart alex! #
  • @moondio Lakecity Way near Value Village #
  • @RevFry So did you call? #
  • Am I the only person that after watching Obama speak tonight is more confused than ever about who to vote for? #
  • @dlpasco Tell Jessica the owner hello! #
  • @suziezhu Dont forget to wear your Free Hugs shirt! #
  • Is waking up at 4:30AM because you are worried about a server a symptom of some kind of sickness? #
  • @wakeuphate maybe one day I’ll be old and calloused. #
  • Leaving the house at 7:15AM requires a little extra help. http://snipurl.com/3l081 #
  • Why can’t apple update iPhone apps WITHOUT moving the icons. It also sucks to move apps between screens. #
  • @suziezhu Figures. iPhone knows you all too well. #
  • T-Mobile had great on hold music: The Darkness! http://snipurl.com/3l341 #
  • T-Mobile phone support = LAME #
  • Lunch…I’m so sad… http://snipurl.com/3l3e1 #

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