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Jan '05

The Beginnings of a good thing

We all desire our 15 minutes of fame don’t we? Well Blog fans, now we can get ‘em…and maybe an extra second or few along with it. It is funny because about 15 years ago I started keeping a journal. Journaling has become a part of my life, however, I don’t get the same therapeutic benefits out of it that others do. Why? Because I don’t write for me, I write for others to read. It is a sickness I know, but I think it is what school conditioned me to do. I have always done it. Maybe it is the fact that I am a pastor and public speaking is a huge part of my life. Maybe it was my 6 years as a radio DJ that trained me to worry about others liking what I was playing. Maybe it is just some deep ceded need to be liked. I don’t know. But what I do know is that now with this blog I can write (journal) and now everyone can read it.

The only issue is that now I have to be selective about what I write because others will be reading it. Funny. That never concerned me before when I was journaling. Well we’ll see how this goes and who knows, maybe I’ll like it!

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