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Aug '06

World Records You’d Rather Not Hold

Ok Gang…I have talked about this for years.  Now it is time to publish and share it with the world.  My favorite World’s Records: 


Callus Collection

Florence Franklin of Peoria, IL, holds the record. As of Sept 12, 1992, Florence had over 200 pounds of callus (sheets of hardened

skin) in her collection.”I shave it off people,” Florence told us. “They don’t mind. Some people even autograph the big pieces.”


Infestation of Mites (Group)

This record belongs to the 3,859 residents of Kildare, Montana. In 1989, visiting doctors certified that every person in the town was suffering from scabies, a skin disease caused by mite infection. “The mites seemed to be jumping from one person to another,” the mayor of Kildare told us, “so we decided to get together and go for the record.”


Snail-Sucking (Live)

Armand Forcalquier, of Marseille, France, holds the record. In a contest held on Feb. 12, 1992, Armand sucked down 1,238 live snails in a little over 4 hours. “It was not easy,” Armand boasted after he learned the record was his. “They cling to their shells, but they can’t get away from me.”


Nose Stuffing (Limburger Cheese)

Hans Kleiber, of West Berlin, holds the record. In a contest held on May 1, 1986, Hans managed to stuff 13 ounces of limburger into his nostrils in less than a minute. Hans’ closest competitor gagged on nine ounces and was disqualified.


Raw Kidney (Eating)

Alice Caldwell of Butte, Montana, holds the record. On Oct. 22, 1991, Alice gobbled up more than 14 pounds of raw veal and lamb kidneys. “Kidneys are a good source of protein and vitamins,” Alice told us. “If you cook them, you lose some of the vitamins. As you can see, I don’t care about the record – I care about my health.”


Roach (Largest)

Rita Carlson, of Pasadena, CA, claims the record for having raised the world’s largest roach. Her record-setting roach is over a foot long and weighs close to two pounds (1992). “Plenty of protein,” Rita told us, “and plenty of good, natural vitamins helped to make this roach into a champion. You should have seen it when I first found crawling around my kitchen.”

{There are a couple more roach records.One is highest paid for a roach named Lassie II ($112,450) and longest living (Lassie, 12 years). Both roaches came from roach aficionado Sheila Biderman. About the oldest roach, Sheila reports that “she’s like one of the family. If she ever gets too old to poke around food by herself, you can bet I’ll do the humane thing and step on her, record or no record.”}


Socks (Continuous Wear)

David Horrigan, of Glen Ridge, NJ, claimed the record in 1989. In a sworn statement, Horrigan has worn the same pair every day for twenty years and 114 days. In 1983, shoe stores throughout New Jersey banned Andy from their premises. Since then he has purchased his shoes through the mail.


Tapeworm (Longest)

Sally Mae Wallace of Great Grits, Mississippi, holds the record. On Sept. 5, 1991, doctors extracted 37 feet (continuous) of tapeworm from Sally “About after 20 feet of that thing had come out of my mouth,” Sally told us, “I just knew I had the record. I was really filled with joy.”


Tongue (Hairiest)

Selma Ruby, of Dallas, Texas, holds the record. Selma’s tongue is fully covered with hair (1992).”I’ve been thinking about having it removed by an electrolysist,” Selma told us, “though lately people have been telling me that it’s beautiful.”


Underarm Hair (Length)

Florence Floss of Ban, Idaho, holds the record .On July 15, 1992, the hair growing out of Florence’s left armpit stretched to a length of 34 inches. This was more than enough for a record, but Florence hopes to have a yard of hair dangling from her armpit soon. “I shave the other armpit,” Florence reported to us.


Feet (Smell)

On Aug. 21, 1991, Wanda Lake, 18, broke the record held by Dave Horrigan. Wanda removed her shoes in the crowded lobby of a Los Angeles theatre. In the five minutes that followed, the lobby was a chaotic mass of panic-stricken people trying desperately to escape. In the end, 42 people were sick, and 14 others had passed out.

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    hi my name is lexi and i wanted to know if you knew the largest echinococcal cyst on a liver. i recently found out i have one and my dr says it is rather large and rare in humans. im going to university of washington hospital in seattle on tue to get i checked. if you find out the answer please email me.

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