- Seattle – The Car Cast!: Hear a native Seattle man as he documents his life.  Recorded Entirely whild driving!  Often imitated, never duplicated!

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Sep '05

About the Show

It all started in the early 1900′s with the invention of the car…Fast forward to 1973 and a boy is born in the great city of Seattle…fast forward one more time to 2005 and that young boy has become a man and discovered an amazing new media outlet called "Podcasting!"

In June of that same year Chris Cochran released his first podcast he called "The Car Cast."  The premise of the show is a simple one:  An early 30′s guy documents his life (which is crazy, unusual, and full of weird encounters) while driving through the streats of his home town, Seattle.  That first episode was pretty rough…ok let’s be honest:  the first 5 or 6 were absolute crap!  But they are gone now.  Done.  Erased from our server like dust in the wind!  

With listeners all over the world, The Car Cast has grown and continues to entertain people.  Why?  We’re still trying to figure that part out!  Who the heck wants to listen to some random guy talk about his wife, kids and a whole bunch of other junk?  Apparently quite a few.  

One of the really amazing things is what The Car Cast has spawned.  Two other "spin-offs" have come from The Car Cast.  Seatown USA (http://www.seatownusa.com) and Seatown USA’s Current Events are two podcasts that stem from The Car Cast.  Both of these shows are strictly Seattle shows.  Seatown USA looks at how to live the Seattle Lifestyle that the locals know and love (it even includes sound seeing tours of famous Seattle places and reviews of Seattle landmarks)  and Current events is a weekly look at what things are going on in and around Seattle (concerts, movies, sporting events, art gallary openings etc.).


So that is the truth.  Almost every sordid detail of it.  The only thing we left out was the fame and fortune that ensued as a result of that fateful day in June when Chris Cochran first said the words, "Welcome to The Car Cast."


2 Responses to “About the Show”

  1. ET Says:

    TheCarCast guy,

    Just started listening to your podcast about a week or two ago. I really enjoy it!! The reason i started listening to the CarCast was to get a feeling about the city of Seattle. My wife and I live in Honolulu and are thinking about moving to Seattle in spring. I was hoping to catch your video cast but the server seems to be down. Anyways keep up the good work.


  2. Gwynn Lewis Says:


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